[The Team]

Hi, I’m Daniel Duran.  I started off with a $50 camera making home movies with my kids and found out I REALLY enjoyed it.  So your event, wedding, commercial or project isn’t work to me.  It’s what I love to do.

I’ve found other people who love what they do as well.

Dalton Zook (Aperture Film Productions)

Adobe, 3D and Motion Tracking expert.  Has worked on many amazing productions, the most recent was producing and editing the promotion video for the Coolest Cooler (see kickstarter.com)


Tesia Duran

My amazing wife.  She picked up a camera soon after we met and has been by my side ever since.  She does an amazing job with brides and detail shots and has developed quite an eye for videography.  Her shots are littered throughout most of my wedding videos.


David Duran

My identical twin brother.  What more is there to say.  He has run sound for churches, concerts and knows the in and outs of almost any sound system which is handy when trying to capture live audio.  He’s built up a wealth of knowledge and equipment. He is my right hand man on most weddings and during busy times he’ll take lead with his own team  J&M team.



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