SLS was born out of our recent endeavors in the commercial production industry. What we found out is people love slow motion and so we decided to bring it on a more personal level. Best way to understand what we do is to watch one of our videos. If you’re having a special event, we want to help make it memorable.



1.  Are Sloths real, and are they really slow?

Although I’ve never met this evasive creature, apparently they are real and their max speed is a whopping 3 ft. per minute! The only thing slower than that will be your next video with us.

2. What camera do you use?

We use the cinema grade Sony FS 700. What does that mean to you? If you’re looking for professional quality then this is the camera you want! It shoots 240 fps in 1080, which basically means it’s not something you can duplicate with a DSLR or Go Pro, which some have tried doing. It’s you and your friends in HD in REAL slow motion.

3. What is the average turn around time?

Waiting is the worst part for something like this, however, this is not a photo booth so there is a considerable amount of editing to make your video come to life. The package you choose will determine when your video will be finished. Currently the Silver package is no later than a week while the Gold and Platinum packages have a guaranteed delivery of 48 hrs.

Visit http://www.slowlikesloth.com for any other questions!




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