In 2009 I started capturing videos of my children (J & M) on a consistent basis.  I started with short little movies; which then turned into more elaborate productions. Before the year had ended I somehow amassed a fleet of equipment and a new burning passion to capture real life moments.  An amazing photographer (Megan M Scheeler Photography) began connecting me with wonderful couples and I started putting this new passion into wedding videography.   Seven years later this passion has led to a team of 3 other members (one being my amazing wife)  and work ranging from Small Business Commercials (Comcast) and Non-Profit Promotion to Family Video shoots and of course Wedding Videography.

While I graduated from George Fox University with a Communications degree, and had shot video and studied it for a while, I had to figure out how I wanted to approach this job. My approach is simple.  I’m not the focus of any event I video.  You are.  So I stay out of the way and capture the moments as they would happen naturally.  This doesn’t mean that preparation and planning doesn’t go into our videos. While staged shoots can render great results, I appreciate the videos captured by staying behind the action.  Having a team of people around me allows us to ensure no moment is lost.

This isn’t a job to me.  It’s a passion.  So if J & M Media isn’t right for your event or project….no worries! I will probably be out making memories with my wife or chasing the kids around with a camera.

Daniel Duran


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